Who are we


Our mission

To restore hope to all the desperate, through regional or virtual hope centers, by helping them discover and exploit the treasures hidden within them.

Our vision

We set out to build multitudes (tens of thousands) of centers in cities and towns around the world . The first objective of these centers is to create environments conducive to the transfer of practical expertise between trainers (those who have this expertise) and trainees (those wishing to acquire it).

Our methods

Of course, we cannot achieve this alone. We need your active help. You can also help us through solidarity purchasing by acquiring one of the many quality products produced by our centers or by requesting our various services. Lastly, you can do so by making one or more of your skills available to pass on to our centres.

Founding principles

1. The individual is at the center of all Eden Espoir action
2. Each individual has vastly under-tapped potential that deserves to be discovered, maximized, and benefit others
3. Eden Espoir's priority is to help women (especially widows), the unemployed (especially young and old), precarious workers and all those who are in difficulty to shed the victim's mantle and to recognize the value of what they can pass on to others.
4. The corollary of the previous point is that no one should consider himself a victim in society, even if he is temporarily going through great difficulties. Everyone has value and a treasure that they can pass on to others. Eden Espoir will not promote assistantship but will help people in difficulty to regain their dignity and recognize their value.
5. It is essential to systematize and perpetuate the transfer of expertise by creating a base of expertise and business knowledge.


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