Eden Espoir also organizes aid in kind in the centers of hope. These aids are administered according to our philosophy (the principle of Ruth’s heart). In other words, the beneficiaries will have made a commitment to help other people in a different way.

gift as a giver

Eden Espoir will help desperate people (due to illness or lack of adequate equipment) who benefit from in-kind assistance .The goal is to identify what they have that could benefit others. This can be knowledge, know-how, expertise, or even simply services to be rendered to other people.

We will also accompany these people in the application of our philosophy and will assist them throughout the process. Thus, a gigantic chain of hope will be created: we help in kind desperate people who in turn help other people .

Aid in kind covers the following sectors:

  • Provision of medicines or medical equipment,  thanks to a partnership with pharmacies and other approved organizations to obtain medicines and small medical equipment (blood pressure monitors, etc.) as well as parapharmacy (syringes, dressings, etc.)
  •  Provision of agricultural equipment for better productivity in the exploitation of large arable land in Africa.
  • Provision of construction and renovation equipment and tools. This equipment will be used in particular for the practical training of building apprentices.
  • Provision of books that will cover the fields of primary, secondary, university education as well as the slightly more general or professional field.
  • Provision of IT equipment which will be used in particular during training in basic IT and e-business (internet professions). this equipment will include computers as well as peripherals (printers, scanners, USB keys, etc.) and consumables (inks, printing paper, etc.).

The above list is not exhaustive and is likely to expand , depending on opportunities and also needs.

And once again, it is not simply a question of making donations in kind but of making the beneficiaries understand that they are the agents of change in their situation.

This awareness will be achieved by teaching the theory of the principle of Ruth’s heart and then putting it into practice (by helping them to identify what they can contribute, those to whom they can help with their contribution, then by accompanying them during of taking action).