The motto of our centers of hope: THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY AT THE END OF THE IMPASSE!

With the economic crisis that is raging in the four corners of the earth and especially in the industrialized countries, many professionals and people with extensive work experience and a lot of expertise find themselves on the floor and have lost hope of reintegrating properly into the professional environment.

Some of these seniors are even graduates of the most prestigious schools (Ecole Polytechnique, other major engineering schools in France, for example).

This reintegration is all the more difficult when these people have reached a certain age (most often from 50 years old).

Many are even in retirement or pre-retirement and the economy is losing a lot of know-how stored up over several years.

Yet on the other hand, we have a multitude of young people (both in industrialized and developing countries) struggling to enter the job market . In addition, many people are engaged in a job that depresses them and does not necessarily correspond to their passions or aptitudes.

The main objective of our centers is to create an environment conducive to the transfer of practical expertise between professionals (who find themselves on the margins of the world of work) and young people without practical qualifications or those not so young who want to reorient their careers in accordance with their hobbies or abilities.

But the role of the centers does not stop there. They are intended to support and organize this transfer of expertise , for the well-being of the local economy and the stakeholders (both professionals and apprentices).

The mode of operation of this transfer ensures the sustainability and retention of this know-how for repeated use in the event of subsequent need.

Finally, a post-insertion follow-up of the apprentice will be organized and carried out periodically.

In a nutshell, the centers function as a family, a community and all apprentices are invited to act in turn as professionals towards others or even to open other centres.