Module I is dedicated to the discovery of identity.

It begins with a brief introduction to identity issues, which illustrates various possible causes and the potentially devastating consequences for the individual.

EDEN ESPOIR provides further training in this area of ​​identity problems, including practical solutions to overcome them.

He then defines the contours of the common identity of each human being, an identity which revolves around two closely intertwined and mutually dependent dimensions:

  1. SOLUTION dimension (every human being is supposed to be a solution for a group of people or a set of problems for which he is equipped to face)
  2. LEADER dimension (every human being is an intrinsic leader in a particular area, whether they are aware of it or not)

Then, a theoretical presentation is provided on the methodology of defining the unique part of the identity, around the three circles: PASSIONS, SKILLS and SENSITIVE POINTS.

Finally, using a detailed questionnaire, the learner is led step by step to describe the contours of his three circles.

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