When you discover your talents and passions, you connect with who you really are. So the question that first arises is: 


This is a crucial question that has puzzled philosophers ever since the days of ancient Greece. It’s the question of identity

What is Identity? 

Why is it so important to know your identity?

Perhaps the only mention of the word you know is through the phrase “identity card”

So let’s start there.

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On an identity card, there is at least the following information:

  • a surname
  • a first name
  • a date of birth
  • a place of birth

The following initial conclusions can be drawn:

  • my identity is linked to an important event: that of my birth
  • there is a link between my identity and that of my parents, more precisely that of my father who communicates his name to me (the surname), and that of my mother who gives birth to me
  • in addition to having a last name, I also have a first name which differentiates me in a unique way within my family 

To know WHO I AM , I must therefore at least know my origins. 

But science has still discovered some fascinating things about identity:

  • every individual on the planet has different DNA (hence the use of DNA testing to tell people apart)
  • every individual on the planet has a different structure on the palms of their hands (hence the use of fingerprints to tell people apart)
  • each individual has a different structure on the eye, to simplify (hence the use of biometric tests and biometric passports)


  • What makes me DIFFERENTIATE from the other 7 billion living humans on the planet?
  • What makes me UNIQUE?

So far, we have focused on physical criteria or external criteria.

But there are also mental and emotional criteria that define a person’s identity.

Any parent quickly realizes that their children do not necessarily like the same things and do not react in the same way to the same stimuli.

We believe, at EDEN ESPOIR , that every individual is unique, and that one of the most important discoveries one must make in one’s life is what makes one unique.

We have therefore developed training and a methodology to help anyone who wishes to make this important discovery and to build a plan for the future around this discovery.

Training can be done remotely through the internet

For those who can discover their talents and passions on their own, here is a little guide that will help you in this task.

Normally, it is up to parents to help their children to understand from an early age that they are someone unique and to discover what makes them unique.

Unfortunately, not having learned this from their own parents, few of them are able to help their children in this way.

Education should also be able to play this role but it is too focused on training good employees for the economic world and is not able to play this role.

This results in serious problems of career guidance. Many are locked into a profession that does not suit them and for which they are not made.

You may have heard the story of this talented doctor who was condemned for forgetting medical instruments in the body of a patient he had operated on.

He admitted having no interest in the medical profession but having been pushed into it by his parents, because it was a field with good prospects and he was a good student.


Our methodology to help you discover your talents and passions revolves around the contours of the three circles which are:

  • The circle of passions: what excites me in general gives me clues to discover who I am
  • The circle of abilities: what I can do easily, without too much effort, also gives me clues in this direction
  • The circle of reaction points: what makes me react, what gets me off my feet quickly is also very revealing

We have developed a precise questionnaire, based on this approach, which will guide you in this discovery of identity. ( Receive this questionnaire for free )

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One of our mentors used to say:

“Don’t tell me there is no work in this country. What is missing is the ability to analyze problems and come up with solutions, because any business, or society is simply a solution to existing problems”