We are supporters of the form of WIN-WIN partnership .

We need partners of hope to carry out this gigantic vision of creating thousands of centers of hope in cities and towns around the world.

partners of hope

If you are a professional association, we can establish a partnership for the training of your members.

If you are an entrepreneur, you have the possibility of financing the training of apprentices in a center of hope and earning a financial return on the amount of your microcredit loan.

As an entrepreneur, you will also be able to market the products and services (including CDs, videos, training books) offered by the hope centers as well as its loyalty card.

If you are a webmaster, you will be able to promote our training courses as well as our products and services on your site for a commission.

Whatever your profile, you can simply support the creation and operation of our centers of hope in various other ways:

– You have the possibility of making financial or logistical donations to us.

– You can also refer us to people in despair who need help, especially if they are unemployed

– You can contribute your ideas, your time or your skills

– You can offer financing in the form of repayable aid

– You can also help us financially without spending a penny. We will tell you how.

Logistic aids can consist of: (computer equipment, industrial tools, agricultural equipment, computers, hairdressing and sewing accessories, notebooks, pencils, furniture, etc.)

If you are one of those farmers who resign themselves to destroying their harvest because of sufficient profitability, you can donate this harvest to African countries.

Contact us to explore the different partnership options in more detail.