Module II of the training “My identity, key to my future” is also an important piece of the puzzle (identity, future).

Indeed, its main purpose is to define the group or groups of people for whom we must be a solution, and this with as much detail as possible.

At the end of module I, we will have defined our passions, skills and sensitive points.

The first part of module II aims to compile and deepen the results of the previous module.

Then, in the context of being a solution, it will be necessary to determine which groups of natural or legal persons can benefit from each identity element defined in module I

These may be groups that we have already served in the past through our professional experiences, or personal (hobby, associative work, etc.), but the objective of this module is to go well beyond this initial list.

In addition to defining the different groups of people, one of the objectives of the training is also to identify their location and the means of communication to reach them.

This module also revolves around a questionnaire that will deepen the results of that of module I.

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