Now let’s take a close look at what Ruth’s fate might have been had she not applied the right principles .

For a perfect illustration, allow yourself to introduce a third character named Orpah.

Orpah was a young woman who found herself in exactly the same situation as Ruth.

She was also a widow , having lost her husband after 10 years of marriage and childless .

She was also unemployed and in total destitution in a situation of severe economic crisis.

Orpah was in dire straits and had to do something fast.

Unfortunately, Orpah’s fate did not follow the same path as that of Ruth . She never became famous and left no trace in history. In fact, we completely lose track of her and cannot be optimistic about what has become of her.

Orpah had tried to apply the same principles as Ruth, but she was quickly discouraged .

She had not resolved in her heart to apply the principle at all costs. She did not show total commitment and unwavering determination like Ruth.

She didn’t insist, she didn’t show persistence . She wasn’t 100% convinced. What a pity !

She had the opportunity to change her future and didn’t take it .

Such is life. Sometimes, we come to a turning point and the choices we make there can permanently determine our future.

Now that I have introduced the three main characters, I can tell you that these three characters were linked by family ties.

Naomi was indeed the mother-in-law of Ruth and Orpah. The latter were therefore the widows of Naomi’s two sons.

We can now see the succession of actions taken by Ruth and Naomi that allowed them to completely change their situation and regain hope.

It’s quite remarkable.

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