ruth's destiny

I would like to tell you an extraordinary story. It is about the fabulous destiny of an exceptional woman named Ruth.

At the darkest moment of her life, this woman had become a widow, having lost her husband after 10 years of marriage. To make matters worse, she had no children from this union . The severe economic crisis that was raging globally offered him little respite. Something had to be done and quickly. Because Ruth was unemployed and destitute.

What would you have done in Ruth’s place?

Do you feel sorry for yourself by meditating on the cruelty of life which distributes good cards to some and bad cards to others?

Did you look for someone else to blame? “Ah, if my late husband had been planning, all this would not have happened”

Or “if there really is a God, He is very cruel to leave a woman like me in such a state, me who never hurt a fly and who tries to lead an honorable life”

Or even “if the state fulfilled its role correctly, women like me would never get there”

Perhaps you would then have considered the options you have left: “Through begging, I can find enough to live on and if that doesn’t work, I can always sell my body to survive.” After all, I am still a young woman”

What would you have done in Ruth’s place?

Ruth did none of the things described above. And yet  a few years later, Ruth has become a wealthy woman and a woman of influence .

Ruth left her name in history  and we still talk about her many generations later. How is such a reversal of circumstances possible?

Ruth discovered and applied a principle that led her from utter despair to a bright future and a full life .

We are going to lead you to the discovery of this principle . But before that, we are going to introduce two other characters whose lives and choices will illustrate this famous principle.

2nd episode: Meet the second character NAOMI

3rd episode: Meet the third character ORPAH