Are you satisfied with your career?

60% of people surveyed in a GFK survey for Monster.com say they don’t like their job. One in ten would even hate it

Only about 12% of respondents are so passionate about their work that they would do it without pay.

However, according to a popular adage: “LOVE what you do and DO what you love: this is one of the secrets of happiness”

There are certainly several causes or aggravating factors for this lack of love of the French for their professional occupation and career, such as:

  • difficult relationships with the boss or colleagues
  • the nature of certain tasks to be performed as part of the job
  • compensation
  • the pressure that the company can put on the obligation of results

However, what can cause a majority of people to get up every morning to go to a job they don’t like, day after day, week after week, year after year?

Some out of “realism”. In these times of economic difficulties where the unemployment rate is high, we cling to what we can find for fear of lack.

If we had taken the survey further by asking people about their motivations for staying in a job they don’t like, there is no doubt that the most frequent answer would be:

“I have no choice, I have to eat”

This is a very understandable answer.

And yet!


What if we decided to listen to the little voice inside us that tells us: “I’m not really made to live like this”?

Maybe we’ve muffled that little voice so much that it’s barely audible.

After all, what’s wrong with doing like most people?

In reality, we do have a choice!

Yes, when it comes to careers, we ALWAYS have a choice! The choice to try or get stuck in what you don’t like to do… 

Yes at some point in our life we ​​have to make this choice. 

Fear brings nothing but regrets at the end of our life…. “I should have tried…. And there, no way to turn around. 

We are responsible for what we do with our lives. 

Put that fear aside and get started.

It is certainly not a question of necessarily leaving your “food job” overnight to embark on the pursuit of your dreams.

There will probably be a transition period during which we are on both counts.

But the important thing is to get started.

 However, be aware that your choice may not please everyone, and that things may be complicated along the way. Be strengthened by this desire and passion that drives you, draw your strength from yourself and turn to those who encourage you while turning your back on those who discourage you.

One of our missions, at EDEN ESPOIR, is to encourage and accompany people to discover the treasures hidden within them and to embark on the pursuit of their dreams.

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