The Word of God contains extraordinary treasure awaiting our discovery to transform our lives. 

Does the Bible contain keys to overcoming despair and turning around our most hopeless situations?

book of god

In the Gospels Jesus compares the kingdom of heaven to a treasure of great value that a man discovered in a field. In his joy, this man hides the treasure, sells everything he owns in order to be able to acquire the field.

We have discovered a treasure there which makes it possible to overcome the most desperate situations and invite you to come and appreciate it at its fair value.You will see in particular how, thanks to this treasure,  a young widow in precariousness, without employment, without children, was able to become a prosperous and influential woman in a foreign country, and in an economic situation of severe recession.

You will see how a man, who had completely failed in his life, was able to become famous in his death.You will discover the fascinating stories of other men and women who, by appropriating this treasure, were able to get out of their situation of distress.
This treasure can also be yours if you wish, and it has the potential to transform your most desperate situations as well as those of your loved ones.It will allow you to see the light at the end of the tunnel as well as the path at the end of the dead end. 

You will be able to show the direction to all those who are distraught in a world where despair grows and landmarks disappear.Buy the book on amazon