who i am

How do I find out who I am?

This is the natural question that arises from knowing the importance of identity.

Normally, it is up to parents to help their children to understand from an early age that they are someone unique and to discover what makes them unique.

Unfortunately, not having learned this from their own parents, few of them are able to help their children in this way.

Education should also be able to play this role but it is too focused on training good employees for the economic world and is not able to play this role.

This results in serious problems of career guidance. Many are locked into a profession that does not suit them and for which they are not made.

You may have heard the story of this talented doctor who was condemned for forgetting medical instruments in the body of a patient he had operated on.

He admitted having no interest in the medical profession but having been pushed into it by his parents, because it was a field with good prospects and he was a good student.


Our methodology to help you answer the question WHO I AM revolves around the outlines of the three circles which are:

  • The circle of passions: what excites me in general gives me clues to discover who I am
  • The circle of abilities: what I can do easily, without too much effort, also gives me clues in this direction
  • The circle of reaction points: what makes me react, what gets me off my feet quickly is also very revealing

We have therefore developed a precise questionnaire, based on this approach, which will guide you in this discovery of identity.

The end result will be:

  • an identity card that we will establish for you,
  • recommendations for professional goals, based on your file
  • a draft professional project

Those who wish, and who are highly motivated, will be able to benefit from support to implement this professional project, whatever their country of residence and the unemployment rate.

One of our mentors used to say 

“Don’t tell me there’s no work in this country. What’s missing is the ability to analyze problems and come up with solutions, because any business or society is simply a solution to existing problems”