I am a Burkinabe living in Burkina Faso. My name is Yeri Audrey . I do catering service (kitchen) at home, so home catering that I deliver to my customers.

Lawyer by training with a degree in public law  obtained in  one of the most prestigious universities in Senegal .

Back home, after two months of internship in the legal department of a local company, I found myself at home waiting for the next internship. This is how I became aware of the different talents within me, including the culinary talent that I could make fruitful . I was  not very enthusiastic at first, it’s true!

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I like to cook with a lot of passion  to please. I don’t have to look at a recipe twice to reproduce it, it’s the divine deposit in me. But I didn’t want to make a money-making job out of it. After some time for reflection, I decided to go for it.

So I started with three dishes a day, I initially wanted at least five dishes a day, but  do not despise the small beginnings , even if it was a dish, it was worth it. only one person deserves me to apply it to cook to deliver it.

If I am not faithful with three people, it is not with ten that I will be. Is it easy? No,  no beginning is easy .

When I talked about my restoration project, some told me that I don’t have the charisma to undertake, others said that it’s not my level and there are some who said that ‘I have to be patient because I just finished my studies just seven months ago, to continue to file job applications and wait.

Until when? Wait five years, six years, ten years? While I can do something with my ten fingers that will make me useful to others…

I believe in my vision , I see it in pictures delivering food to those who need to eat it,  I don’t have to wait for everyone to believe in me . God believes in me, He and I are the majority.

If you have a dream, a vision, a project and are convinced that it is the right one, take courage and take the step of faith. It may be difficult to take off, but it will take. Isn’t that faith moves the mounts?

I am a Christian, my faith in God is my support . Faith is believing and acting, acting is persevering with determination, and God honors faith. 

Do you want, like Audrey, to share your dreams and passion with us? Not necessarily in the kitchen area! We look forward to hearing from you